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Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell – M10-HXB0010Y8620020

Код товара: M10-HXB0010Y8620020
Inspired 1843

The Iron Horse Jean Company was formed to fill an obvious gap in Western
jean apparel. That’s why we have geared up to deliver the hottest fabrications
in jeans, knitwear and belt accessories, reflecting what today’s consumer
wants and needs. Fabrics, designs and details based on years of experience
working with both the demanding mainstream market and Western sector.

Established 2009

The Iron Horse Jean Company is made up of a management team of seasoned
denim professionals and proven designers. With a sharp focus on the U.S.
markets need for Western denim fashion alternatives.
Built Anvil Tough
The Iron Horse Jean Company is focused on meeting consumer demands and
fashion needs with service being a major priority. This is why we are the first
jean manufacturer ever to offer and promote a one-year warranty on
workmanship on every pair of jeans it sells. The guarantee is simple - should
any seam, button or zipper fail on a pair of its jeans, The Iron Horse Jean
Company will repair or replace the jean, no questions asked.
Iron Horse Jeans is a new denim alternative - an exclusive jeans brand that
offers designer jeans styles at affordable pricing with superior features.
Jean wearers of all ages have come to know and love Iron Horse Jeans‘
vintage washes, denim finishes, 11 and 12 ounce fabrics, and customized
details like double-needle stitching and silver and copper tin hardware trim.
It’s no wonder why everyone is saying “The Wild West got a whole lot
wilder when Iron Horse Jeans came into town!
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  • Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell
  • Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell
  • Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell
  • Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell
  • Iron horse - Мужские Джинсы - Caldwell

Casual meets “hip” in this broken-in jean
with its lightly whiskered front panel, the
kind you get from long hours on the road.
The broken top waist band here adds vintage
panache, as if they might also be the very
pair you wore on that climb up Kilimanjaro
or did 7.8 seconds in the local rodeo. With its
11 low rise and regular fit, this jean is every
man’s first pick. The barbed wire
embroidered back pocket is an extra bonus.

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