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Футболка 7.62 Design - GREEN BERET - Black
Код товара: 762-501-384
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Размер см. Ширина Высота
XXL 64-66 79-81
XL 59-62 75-77
L 53-55 73-75
M 50-52 71-73

Внимание! Доставка этого товара под заказ может занять на 5-9дней больше стандартного срока.

 Strong. Beautiful. Iconic. We could not be more proud of our efforts than we are with this piece! Based on the timeless WWII propaganda poster art of Howard Miller, we've taken today's American fighting gal' and done her proud. Furthermore, the lovely lady who modeled for the painting, Sgt. Sara B' is one of the most inspiring military figures our great nation has fathered. A proud patriot and OEF / OIF veteran, she has rucked-up with the best of em'. 'Sergeant Sara' is truly the magnum opus of 7.62 DESIGN artwork!

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